One shot, one kill: Nana zaps 12-foot gator with her .22 Magnum (VIDEO)

A Texas great-grandmother got revenge on an alligator thought to have eaten a beloved family pet. Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran, 73, believes she may have evened a personal score in harvesting a 580-pound, 12-foot long gator from a pond on her ranch.

“About three years ago, we came up missing a miniature horse. We highly suspect a gator got it,” Cochran said.

With conservation rules limiting the green zone on gators to the last 20 days of September, Cochran obeyed all of the regulations and called in a nuisance trapper, for assistance. “You have to have a permit and tags from a wildlife biologist, and you have to catch it on a hook first,” she told the Houston Chronicle. “We don’t just go to the ranch and hunt a gator.”

After hooking the big lizard on seasoned raccoon, Cochran got a call while in a meeting, finished up, then headed home to grab her Winchester .22 Magnum rifle, dispatching the animal with a single shot.

And almost nothing will go to waste. “Moye Taxidermy will be processing it, we’ll eat the meat, have the head mounted and have the ridgeback part of the tail in my office,” she said. “We’ll have the hide tanned to make some boots out of it, you can only make boots from the belly.”

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