New Orleans stick-up man fumbles pistol magazine in failed heist

09/21/18 12:30 PM | by

New Orleans stick-up man fumbles pistol magazine in failed heist

Detectives in the New Orleans Police Department’s Sixth District are looking for a gunman who clumsily attempted to hold up a local business.

The would-be bandit reportedly walked into a business just before 11:00 a.m. in the 1700 block of Milan Street and attempted to rob the owner, a man in his 60’s. Police note the attempt failed when the suspect dropped his handgun on the floor and the magazine came out.

“As the subject scrambled to get the gun back together, the owner took the opportunity to run from the location and scream for help,” said police of the botched heist.

Those with information are advised to contact the Sixth District or New Orleans Crime Stoppers.

As detailed by the New Orleans Advocate, the Milan street incident was one of at least four robberies that police responded to on Monday. Two others, that of a Family Dollar and a Dollar Store, involved an armed robber stealing money from the cashier at gunpoint, in one case shooting a manager who confronted him in the process. The fourth robbery was a daylight beating near an I-10 service road by a group of people that left a 21-year-old victim too medicated to speak to police at an area hospital.

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