Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R ammo now shipping

The new 300 HAM’R is now shipping to consumers. (Photo: Wilson Combat)

Wilson Combat’s latest ammunition offering, the 300 HAM’R, is officially on its way to consumers the company announced Thursday.

First announced in August, the 300 HAM’R is specifically designed for the AR platform. Loaded with Horandy 150-grain SST bullets, the ammunition delivers a velocity of 2,260 feet-per-second with 1,170 foot-pounds of energy. Wilson Combat says the ammunition is perfect for hunting or defensive shooting due in part to the SST bullet.

“The SST bullet’s polymer tip gives enhanced expansion and shocking ballistic terminal performance while the interlock design provides deep penetration,” Wilson Combat said in a press release.

The Tactical Hunter is one model of Wilson Combat rifles that will get the 300 HAM’R treatment. (Photo: Wilson Combat)

Aside from ammunition the 300 HAM’R round will make its way onto a variety of Wilson Combat rifles to include the Ultralight Ranger, Ranger, Tactical Hunter, Ultralight Hunter and Bill Wilson Ranch Rifle package.

The 300 HAM’R ammunition itself is available only from Wilson Combat with a price tag of $22.95 for 20-rounds.

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