Realtree introduces new pattern — Realtree Timber

Realtree Timber is the latest pattern to come from Realtree’s lab. (Photo: Realtree)

Realtree rolls outs a brand new pattern for hunting season, launching the Realtree Timber design.

Taking notes from renowned waterfowl hunters, industry insiders and local experts and guides, Realtree incorporated new technology and printing to deliver the waterfowl pattern the company said is “truly carved from the Delta.”

“Our most effective and lifelike camo pattern for flooded timber, it’s time to Own the Flyway,” Realtree said in a statement.

The pattern mixes abstract with real world designs to create a unique pattern. (Photo: Realtree)

The Realtree Timber patters utilizes an increased 3-dimensional look thanks to its erratic design. The pattern also adds abstract elements to underlying realistic natural elements for a unique blend that works to camouflage hunters.

“For me, camouflage is all about effectiveness,” said Realtree Designer and President Bill Jordan in a press release. “Blending into your surroundings and staying concealed from game is the bottom line. Of course, creating a pattern with accurate colors that print consistently and look great is important too. New Realtree Timber does all these things.”

Realtree Timber is officially out in the wild and the company lists several retailers on its website with the pattern.

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