SilencerCo Releases new modular Switchback 22 suppressor

Billed as the “Quietest .22 suppressor to hit the market,” SiCo’s new user-configurable Switchback provides a lot of options. Announced to commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary, the Switchback was debuted Tuesday.

Following up on past success with modular suppressors, such as 2014’s Salvo 12 shotgun modulator, the Switchback can be configured in three different lengths, ranging from 2.5- to 5.75-inches, with corresponding performance.

In its most optimized configuration, a company whitepaper lists the suppressor as delivering an average of 108 dB sound report while mounted on a rifle using standard testing methods. Even in its shortest 3.2-ounce stack, the suppressor is hearing-safe when mounted to a 16-inch barrel.

Jake Turnblom, a SilencerCo engineer, said the baffles are inspired by rocket diffusers, but with a twist. “Gas flow can be sped up or slowed down by tapering a bore wider or tighter,” said Turnblom. “Cones act as a nozzle (to speed up) or a diffuser (to slow down) gases in propulsion. The effect a cone has completely flips when transitioning to or from supersonic or subsonic velocities. Using cones (by flipping them) as supersonic diffusers is what led to the discovery of improved suppression on rifles.”

While advertised as a .22 suppressor, the Switchback is multi-caliber to an extent, capable of accommodating .17 WSM, .17 HMR, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet and 5.7x28mm, although it is only rated for full-auto with .22LR.

The Switchback uses a titanium tube with black nitride end caps and coupler while the baffles are stainless steel. At its heaviest, the can tips the scales at 6.5-ounces. MSRP is $499 and it is already on hand with distributors.

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