ArachniGRIP adds Smith & Wesson Shield to Slide Spider lineup

09/28/18 10:00 AM | by

The Slide Spider gets the Shield treatment with the latest model designed for the concealable Smith & Wesson pistol. (Photo: ArachniGRIP)

ArachniGRIP expands its Slide Spider adhesive slide grip adding the Smith & Wesson Shield to its inventory.

The Slide Spider is a one-piece adhesive grip wrap that is applies to pistol slides in order to allow for a more positive grip on the Smith & Wesson Shield. ArachniGRIP said its Slide Spider adhesive results in increased control with a “tactical advantage under challenging operating conditions.”

The Slide Spider creates a more tactile surface for gripping. (Photo: ArachniGRIP)

“The Slide Spider is a perfect complement to the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield,” Robert Biedenbach of ArachniGRIP said in a press release. “This combo is a great option for shooters. The Slide Spider for the Shield has been one of our top sellers since we first began offering it.”

ArachniGRIP said the Slide Spider completed a one year test by an active military unit with the Slide Spider enduring over 20,000 rounds of fire. The Slide Spider is available now with a MSRP of $19.

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