Daisy offers adult-sized Red Ryder BB guns for limited time

10/1/18 11:00 AM | by

Daisy Outdoor Products is set to re-release the infamous Red Ryder BB gun but this time in adult-sized form.

The company best known for the iconic BB gun announced that an adult sized Red Ryder, Model 1938ARR, will hit the consumer market coming in two distinct kits. The first kit is for shooters who already own a regular sized Red Ryder. The kit includes the adult variant as well as a Rocket Shot Target Launcher, shooting glasses and a tube containing 350 BBs. The idea is that adult and youth shooter can enjoy their Red Ryder’s side-by-side.

The second Red Ryder kit is designed for new shooters to the platform offering the Red Ryder adult sized BB gun alongside a regular sized Red Ryder, Rocket Shot Target Launcher, shooting glasses and a tube of 350 BBs.

The kits come in two flavors — a standalone, top, and a two-parter, bottom. (Photo: Daisy Outdoor Products)

“Fans of the classic Red Ryder, which nearly everyone marks as their first gun, have been calling for a full-sized version for years,” Daisy Outdoor Products said in a press release. “It makes a perfect companion to the youth version so mentor and youth can shoot the same gun.’

The adult-sized Red Ryder is a limited time only edition, offering only a select number of the classic BB guns. Kit number one retails for $69 while kit number two comes in slightly higher at $99. Both are available from Daisy Outdoor Products. Just remember to always wear those safety glasses when shooting, lest you put your eye out.

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