Tour CZ Arms' historic factory from a few different viewpoints (VIDEOS)

Founded in 1936 at Uherský Brod in what was then Czechoslovakia, the Česká zbrojovka factory has been cranking out quality firearms for generations.

To take a look at how the magic is made, Polenar Tactical recently dropped in and took the tour, showing everything from wooden-stocked hunting rifles to CZ handguns and BREN rifles being crafted.

A slightly more in-depth tour, in which Tim from the Military Arms Channel makes a cameo, runs on Polenar’s Insta and includes some interesting factory testing.

Finally, for those looking to lose an entire lunch break down the rabbit hole, kydex holster maker ANR Design has a longer 20~ minute tour below, apparently filmed at the same time as Polenar and MAC’s visit as they appear in the footage.

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