Crimson Trace launches new red dot sights for pistols, long guns

10/2/18 7:00 AM | by

The CTS series offers a variety of optics options for long guns and pistols. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

Crimson Trace announced a new series of red dot sights designed for both pistols and long guns.

The series includes five total products created for 3-gun competitors, home defenders and hunters as well as recreational shooters. The new models include: the CTS-1000, CTS-1100, CTS-1200, CTS-1300 and CTS-1400. The lineup boasts several field of view and reticle options as well as an easy installation that pairs with a variety of firearms and mounting solutions.

The CTS series is night vision compatible in addition to offering a waterproof, aluminum construction. All red dot sights come equipped with adjustable brightness levels and clear-coated optics for a “vivid edge-to-edge view.”

Leading the packs is the CTS-1000, a closed red dot sight with 2 MOA aiming reticle. Designed for rifle use, the CTS-1000 offers easy to adjust windage and elevation adjustments as well as a quick-release mount. Following the CTS-1000 is the CTS-1100 — a 3.5X battlesight featuring a fully-illuminated Crimson Trace advanced hybrid BDC reticle. Installed with a M1913 mount, the CTS-1100 offers a wide field of view for long guns.

The optics each house their own characteristics that set them apart. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

The CTS-1200 is a red dot reflex sight with a 3.25 MOA aiming reticle designed for pistol use. The CTS-1200 utilizes a side-opening access slot for quick battery changes while also employing easy-to-reach controls to allow shooters to adjust intensity and light settings. The CTS-1300 also features a compact design but with a 3.5 MOA reticle. The CTS-1300 was created for long guns using a Picatinny mounting system, though the Picatinny mount can be adapted to coincide with other mounting systems.

Rounding out the series is the CTS-1400 which offers an open red dot sight with 3.25 MOA reticle paired with a large field of view. The CTS-1400 uses an advanced motion detection system in order to deliver an auto-shut-off construction to preserve battery life on long guns.

“This new line of red dot sights offers consumers high-quality optics products from a name they trust,” Lane Tobiassen, President of Crimson Trace and American Outdoor Brands Corporation’s Electro-Optics Division, said in a press release. “We are very excited to introduce this new product line which has been carefully engineered and designed to meet the needs of consumers seeking quality and performance.”

The CTS series will officially begin shipping in November 2018 with prices starting at $199.

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