Just a whole lotta select-fire testing (VIDEO)


If you are curious about what a buzzsaw-fast converted .22LR rifle suppressed with an oil filter can do to body armor, we got something for you.

DIY firearm maker Royal Nonesuch has graduated to the big leagues with a Type 07 manufacturer FFL and SOT to enable him to legally fool with Title II stuff, but he is still in the backyard trying it out. In his latest production, he stitches up some hard plate and the soft armor inserts from a Practical Protection stadium seat.

First up is his Savage 64F that has had its barrel whittled down to just 7-inches and fires full-auto at burp gun speed after an open-bolt modification. He then taps in a pistol, an AK, and the obligatory 6.5CM for comparison. Bonus points for the Carnik Con sweater.

Remember, if trying this at home, all NFA rules apply.

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