Zev Technologies debuts Small Frame Rifle

Zev launches a new compact rifle known as the Small Frame rifle. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

After three years in development, Zev Technologies’ Small Frame rifle is officially ready for debut. The company announced the Small Frame rifle Monday, noting that the rifle has undergone thousands of rounds of training. Chambered in one of the industry’s favorite rounds, 6.5 Creedmoor, the Small Frame rifle offers long range capability pared down to a compact size.

“Designed with the firepower of a large frame caliber in an AR15 sized package, the ZEV Small Frame delivers long range capability at a fraction of the size of its larger counterpart,” Zev said in a press release. “Chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, with ballistic advantages over the .308 when shooting longer distances, this rifle is a perfect choice for both hunting and PSR style shooting when reaching out farther matters to you.”

The Small Frame rifle pairs a compact size with 6.5 Creedmoor performance. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

Constructed from high-quality billet 7075-T651 aluminum, the rifle features a free-floating extended length handguard installed directly to the integrated rail base. Boasting a custom 20-inch 416R stainless steel fluted heavy barrel by Noveske, the rifle uses a SureFire muzzle break to reduce recoil. The rifle is topped off with a custom tuned gas and buffer system to enable smooth cycling and efficient round ejection.

The Small Frame rifle is lefty friendly with ambidextrous controls to include safety selector, bolt release, magazine release and slide lock charging handle. Rounding out its attributes is a ZEV exclusive flat face AR Gold trigger colored in sniper gray.

The rifle ships with a 20 round PMAG and retails for $3,578.

The rifle boasts a free-float handguard and custom Noveske barrel. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

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