Hiding in plain sight: Timber Vaults Gun Concealment Mirror

By all appearances the Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror by Timber Vaults looks like a lightweight decorative mirror, but looks can be deceiving. The Kentwood is part of a style of gun storage known as concealment furniture.

These storage devices are designed to look like regular pieces of décor or furniture; but they house a secret – an internal compartment equipped to support multiple guns. Though an interesting take on gun storage, does the Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror stack up to traditional methods and/or bring something useful to the storage table?

A stylish way to conceal guns

The Kentwood provides a simplistic approach to techy gun storage. The mirror forgoes the traditional lock and key or combo lock and instead opts for pre-programmed RFID technology. Using provided access cards, users swipe the card alongside the lock to gain entrance. The lock itself is recessed into the mirror making it difficult if not impossible to pick from the outside. This overall design allows the mirror to look like, well, a mirror. Offering clean lines and no visible means to alert others of the presence of a gun, the mirror blends into the home environment flawlessly.

Though Timber Vaults offers a variety of colors to choose, I decided to stick with a neutral white. The mirror may look minimalistic on the outside but its shelves and interior add bulk to its construction. No lightweight, the Kentwood mirror is a sturdy piece of décor – so sturdy, in fact, mounting it requires wall studs.  Measuring 18 ¾-inches by 4 5/8-inches by 36-inches in total dimensions its internal compartment is ever so slightly smaller than its outside dimensions but still provides plenty of room to stow guns and gear.

The mirror delivers three adjustable shelves in total paired with a soft, velvety backing to protect valuables from scratching or marring. The shelves may be moved to accommodate larger guns, bigger boxes of ammo or various sized gear through the use of bracket alongside the inner wall. This arrangement opens the door to a truly customizable storage solution.

The Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror is powered by four AAA batteries situated inside the locking mechanism. Battery installation is quick and easy; however, users must heed the audible “low battery” sound. There’s no back-up means to access the interior of the mirror so if the batteries fail, gun owners are out of luck it seems. Timber Vaults says average lifespan of battery is around one to two years.

How well does it work?

I’ll admit, there were some hurdles to overcome when the mirror first arrived at my doorstep. The first being installation. For regular home owner, mounting the unit might not cause any heartache; however, renters like me might find this storage solution a no-go.

The way in which the mirror is constructed and its purpose dictates that a section of wall must be cut and removed in order for the mirror to fit flush. Also, due to its weight it relies on mounting between two wall studs. As a renter, I was unable to cut an actual hole in my wall; therefore, I relied on some creativity.

Namely, I placed the mirror in a corner of my room that looked reasonable for a mirror but still allowed the protruding portion of the mirror to be partially hidden. Using it as a stand-alone unit, I had little problems with the mirror. It certainly achieved its goal of concealment as, despite its location, no one realized what wares the mirror held internally.

The second issue I ran into after its arrival was the placement of the internal RFID lock. While I appreciate the design, I had trouble in the early stages locating the exact position of the locking unit. In the beginning, I found myself swiping the RFID card maniacally down the length of the mirror with no positive results. After some practicing, however, I was able to learn the exact whereabouts of the RFID unit and unlocking soon became muscle memory. After about a week, I was a pro at opening the storage device and quickly accessing my guns and gear.

The choice of RFID technology as a means to unlock and lock the Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror is a strong choice. The use of this tech allows the mirror to maintain a minimalistic and concealed design while also balancing the issue of speedy access. In short, the Kentwood does an excellent job of keeping up assumptions that it’s a simple mirror while stealthily concealing its true intent.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to concealment furniture the biggest hurdle is finding a solution that is both discreet yet accessible. In the case of the Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror, Timber Vaults has struck that balance. Style minded gun enthusiasts and home décor aficionados looking to forgo the traditional gun safe aesthetic will be pleased with the Kentwood Gun Concealment Mirror. Available from Timber Vaults, the mirror is priced at $299.

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