Cracking open a 1970 spam can of ammo (VIDEO)

Bought back in the 1990s on the surplus market for peanuts and tossed in an attic, it is now time to bust out the old Chicom 7.62x39mm and see what it looks like.

As told by the Taofledermaus channel, the 720 rounds of Chinese-made AK food was bought to fuel SKSs at the time when the latter were in the $99 range. Sealed in August 1970, back when the Chinese were involved in shipping munitions by the ton down the Ho Chi Mihn Trail, the contents of the grungy can are now pushing a half-century mark.

How did they hold up? Watch the video.

Reminds me of this old Norwegian M2 ball that dates from the 1950s and was unsealed last year. Keep it dry. Keep it cool. Keep it forever.

(Photo: Chris Eger/

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