NRA has new 'Fx' grade for Bloomberg-endorsed political candidates

The nation’s largest pro-gun member organization has a new low grade for political candidates and one of those against the group claims it is a win.

The National Rifle Association for decades has suggested reference cards for members headed to the polls along with A-to-F grades for candidates based on their track record on guns. Maintained by the NRA’s Political Victory Fund, each state with an active election campaign lists the graded candidates down to the local level, compiled through questionnaires sent out by the organization as well as past statements and votes on gun issues.

With little fanfare, the PVF site now lists a new “Fx” designation, reserved for candidates “who requested and received the endorsement of Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups, ‘Mom Demands Action & Everytown for Gun Safety.'”

The move was welcomed by anti-gun advocate Shannon Watts as a sign that her movement is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of voters on Second Amendment issues, although progressive candidates have long spun basement-level grades from the NRA, using them as a sort of backhanded verification of their gun control creds.

“Lawmakers across the country will now seek out this new Fx rating, which sounds incredibly edgy and badass,” said Watts on Twitter, changing her profile description to include the somewhat disingenuous screed “Rated Fx by the NRA since 2012,” although she has not run for public office and the grade itself is new.

“We’ve been so effective that the gun lobby is tracking our endorsements and responding to them,” proclaimed Watts, although it should be pointed out that the Bloomberg groups have long tracked and responded to the NRA’s own grade system, going as far as archiving it going back to 2009. Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which later morphed into Everytown, promised their own letter-grade scorecard process for politicans in 2013 but never instituted it.

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