A look at the Indian-made Ishapore Lee–Enfields (VIDEO)

10/10/18 10:30 AM | by

Ishapore Lee–Enfields

With over a century of experience with the type, Ishapore Enfield rifles have a lineage of long service.

As covered in the above video by Canadian gun blogger Rifle Chair– who has owned several of the Indian-made guns with their distinctive mertani wood stocks– the bolt-action Enfield pattern rifles made by Rifle Factory Ishapore since 1904 are on par with those seen elsewhere but have gotten a perhaps ill-deserved bad rap.

As a background, while the Indian police and military long ago switched over from the classic .303-caliber 10-shot model to the Ishapore-unique 2A/2A1 rifles– Enfield variants made during the 1960s and 70s chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO– there are tens of thousands of .303s still in the police arsenals which are only now being phased out by the domestically-produced INSAS rifle, which is also made by Ishapore.

However, if you are curious, the company still makes an 8mm version of the classic British bolt-action rifle with a 5-round magazine for sporting use.

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