Town bans 'ghost guns' under threat of $250 fine (VIDEO)

Gun control advocates stood among city officials and police in Bridgeport, Connecticut this week as a measure banning guns homemade firearms was signed.

In a move advocated by Mayor Joseph Ganim as far back as March, lawmakers in the state’s largest city passed ordinance 155-17 last month to regulate “ghost guns,” defined as home-built firearms without serial numbers.

“This is a piece of metal that you can easily buy in the markets,” said Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez in a press conference, holding up an unfinished 80-percent AR lower. “But if you can get this, you can make this,” he said, holding an AR-15 short-barreled rifle. “And this is a real weapon. This weapon will discharge anywhere from 50 to 30 rounds at a time.”

Continuing, Perez said, “You can make it fully automatic– and what is unique about this weapon is that there is no markings whatsoever,” pointing out it had no serial number. “This gun belongs to no one. This is a ghost gun.”

Perez says his agency has recovered at least seven such guns this year.

The ordinance allows Perez to “seize, remove and destroy any and all such weapons” inside his jurisdiction, said Ganim, joined by state Rep. Steve Stafstrom and Connecticut Against Gun Violence members at the legislation’s signing.

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