Unsafe selfies earn pair lifetime ban from Texas gun range (VIDEO)

Two visitors to a Houston shooting range leaped way over the line when it came to basic gun safety and found themselves escorted out, for good.

Top Gun Range on Beverly Hill Street in Houston posted the shocking video on their social media page this week in hopes it could be a valuable training tool in what not to do when on the line.

“Great job from our Range Safety Officer in stopping and addressing a safety violation on the range,” noted Top Gun before providing the backstory to the short video which shows two patrons clowning around with a handgun while snapping selfies on a mobile device. The unsafe activity finally escalates to one of the men pointing the pistol at the head of his shooting buddy, which brings a quick reaction from the RSO.

“The former customer brought in his own weapon for him and his friend to shoot,” explained Top Gun. “They were given a safety brief and still broke range rules once they went out to shoot. After they were promptly removed from the range, we covered which rules they broke and then banned them for life from the range.

“We take safety very seriously here at Top Gun Range, and we pride ourselves in having the best staff in Texas,” said the range.

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