Visiting with the classic Colt 9mm SMG (VIDEO)

Complete with lots of M16A2 styling but in an abbreviated package with an UZI-based magazine, the Colt SMG was a little different. Basically a 9mm take on the Colt 733 Commando model with a 10.5-inch barrel set up to run in 9mm, the Colt Model 635 SMG was the companyโ€™s answer to the most popular sub guns of the 1980s โ€” the HK MP5.

Although used by a lot in federal alphabet soup agencies, it was only fielded in small quantities by the U.S. military. However, it did see some service with the Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team in the 1989 invasion of Panama. While its even shorter brother, the Model 633, had a 7-inch barrel, Colt still makes the standard SMG today, price on request, and it has received a good bit of service in the LE community.

Larry Vickers with Vickers Tactical, himself a Delta Force veteran of Panama, takes a look at one of the venerable 635s in the above video and goes into some of the peculiarities of the design.

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