An M14 fit for a guerrilla and set to full rock-and-roll (VIDEOS)

In the early 1960s, the Army did a study to create weapons better suited to guerrilla warfare. One of the strange and very NFA prototypes is up for auction.

Based on the standard M14, Harrington & Richardson, of Worcester, Mass. modified a number of the select-fire battle rifles to be lighter and shorter as part of the study. They looked kinda funky and were never adopted as the M16 came on the scene at about the same time. Just a few, with their impressive muzzle flash, remain in museums.

(Photo: Springfield Armory)

One of these weird rifles in the wild– with an exceptionally rare and experimental folding stock and wooden pistol grip– is up for auction at Morphy’s this month and Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons has a chance to check it out in the above video.

Even neater is the fact that it is an ATF-registered C&R NFA item that still has its giggle switch and yes, it still works.

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