Governor running for re-election literally blows up red tape (VIDEOS)

Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin took advantage of a stop at the State Penitentiary’s gun range to get in some time with some police-issue explosive devices.

Saying, “There is no room in Kentucky for corruption, overburdensome red tape, pay-to-play politics and inside deals,” Bevin pulled the ring on a smoke grenade which blows up in a comic cloud vector labeled “red tape.” The follow-up bloop from what looks like a DefTech gas launcher is labeled “corruption.” Other pyrotechnics are labeled “pay-to-play,” “inside deals,” and “#WeAreKy.”

The video, filmed at Eddyville’s Kentucky State Penitentiary’s range along with members of his cabinet, was criticized by his only declared opponent in 2019, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat who said through a spokesman that the governor should “refund every tax dollar used to make this video.”

Brown, who has signed pro-gun legislation into law to the applause from gun rights advocates, addresses the crowd at the NRA’s 2016 Annual Meetings in Louisville two years ago to speak on the Second Amendment.

Earlier this year, he spoke on the subject of gun control in the days after a school shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky that left two dead and 14 wounded after a 15-year-old student opened fire with a handgun. Bevin said the problems leading to such events stem from a lack of morality in modern culture such as in violent movies, music, and video games and will not be solved by more restrictions on guns.

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