Putting guns on display with Tactical Walls, IC13 Arms (VIDEO)

I wanted my back drop for Guns.com to really show that I love this stuff. What says “I like guns” more than real guns hanging on the wall! Of course, there are plenty of DIY local hardware store solutions for wall mounting your own firearms, but I wanted some professional options. For that, I turned to two of the best in the biz: Tactical Walls and IC13 Arms.

Tactical Walls

Tactical Walls is best known for concealment products that allow you to hide and secure firearms in everyday house hold furnishings. Their Modwall is a more overt option for staging or displaying guns. It will not only hold firearms but also magazines, plate carriers, helmets, and lights. It uses a “slat wall” concept that secures into the studs behind the wall.

patriot package

The Patriot Package from Tactical Walls includes a hanger for a vest and helmet. (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com)

Each panel is 22×48 inches and combines panels that give as much real-estate as needed. The Modwall Patriot Package will hold a helmet, plate carrier, two handguns, two AR-15s, and a handful of magazines. While the Modwall doesn’t secure items, if it’s going in a room that locks down then the Modwall makes a lot of sense.

IC13 Arms

The IC13 Arms has a number of firearms safety products that that can both secure a firearm but also make it accessible. The Mount Up system will work with any firearm that has a milspec, commercial or pistol buffer tube.

The Mount Up is a hinged collar that mounts to a wall with security screws. It is machined out of billet aluminum right here in the USA. When in use, the firearm’s buffer tube clamps into the Mount Up and then locks with a key. Using the “Mount Up Rail” allows you to combine multiple Mount Ups to hang guns vertically. So, if you want to display a gun horizontally – for that iconic rifle over the fireplace look – then use the Horizontal Mount Up.

The design uses an additional arm piece to support the firearms front end preventing torque on the buffer tube. You can get all your Mount Up’s keyed alike if you do decide to use multiple units.

Putting guns on display

Firearms have some aesthetic value in our lives whether we like to admit it or not. Yes, they are ultimately tools but let’s be honest: some we admire for their appearance and sentimental value. You might have some “safe queens” that need to be admired more often than the occasional visit to the safe. Maybe you have an office or room that could some new “wall art”. Whatever the reasoning, products by IC13 Arms and Tactical Walls make it easy to put guns on display.

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