Shop clerk spoils armed robbery plans with gun of his own (VIDEO)

A Georgia vape shop clerk employee faced off with two masked men armed with a handgun but evened the odds with one of his own.

Local media reports that Savannah Police are on the hunt for two people who tried to hold up the clerk at Mary Jane’s Vape and Smoke Shop on West Victory Drive last month. The clerk, Jerry Lawrence, said he opened the store that morning and thought at first that the two were regular customers. In surveillance camera footage from the incident, the men are shown following Lawrence behind the counter as they tie masks around their faces. One of the men is seen with a gun in his hand.

“When I turned my back, all I hear is someone say ‘go ahead and give it up. Turn back around.’ They already have their masks on, gloves on,” Lawrence told WTOC.

The clerk, who normally carries a gun with him but leaves it in a bag in the back of the store, hadn’t had a chance to store the firearm yet and pulled it out to confront the men, who ran, with Lawrence fast on their heels as he chased them from the store.

“When they got to the edge of the street, they kind of acted like they were about to turn around,” said Lawrence, who said he then fired two warning shots– considered a dubious tactic by many.

Police are investigating. Meanwhile, the retailer has installed more cameras and obtained the services of a security guard.

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