Lasersaddle LS-250 for Mossberg Shockwave joins Crimson Trace lineup

The Lasersaddle LS-250 series introduces a laser sight for the Mossberg Shockwave platform. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

Crimson Trace jumps on the Shockwave bandwagon, introducing a new laser sight specifically designed for the Mossberg shotgun.

The Lasersaddle LS-250 red laser sight and Lasersaddle LS-250G green laser sight secure onto the Mossberg Shockwave’s receiver side and upper region. The laser sight utilizes three activation spots, even adding one that is accessible to lefties.

The Lasersaddle comes in both red and green laser options. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

Lasersaddle LS-250 laser sight offers a rapid-change battery cap on the device’s exterior to facilitate easily battery swaps without the need for removal from the Shockwave. The sight also benefits from a design that allows installation of an accessory rail on top of the shotgun. Equipped with a master on-off switch, the Lasersaddle red and green laser sights fit onto most 12-gauge Mossberg 590 and 500 shotguns.

Covered under Crimson Trace’s Free Batteries for Life program, the Lasersaddle LS-250 series falls under the company’s 3-year limited warranty. The Lasersaddle LS-250 retails for $169 while the Lasersaddle LS-250G offers a higher price of $219.

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