Law enforcement instructors gain new tool with FN 509 Training Pistol

The FN 509 Training Pistol is an inert system catering to law enforcement agencies and their training units. (Photo: FN)

Law enforcement agencies and instructors are getting a new inert pistol to use in the classroom and on the range with FN announcing the new FN 509 Training Pistol.

The training pistol grants instructors and trainers the ability to demonstrate safe firearm handling, presentation, holstering and other techniques outside the purview of live fire.

“The FN 509 Training Pistol is an integral addition to our line-up that has been specifically produced for law enforcement agencies,” Charles “Bucky” Mills, senior director of law enforcement sales for FN America, LLC said in a press release. “This positions FN to be responsive to all solicitations and further support agencies invested in the FN 509 platform.”

The inert pistol takes its cues from the original FN 509, pictured above. (Photo: FN)

The FN 509 Training Pistol offers a red-framed design that incorporates a fire control assembly that resets the trigger with each pull. This construction circumvents the need for a slide rack wit every trigger pull. The training pistol features similar attributes as the real FN 509 to include grip angle and grip texture, slide weight, 4-inch barrel and operating controls. The FN 509 Training Pistol sports fixed day sights, three 17-round magazines and ships in a red soft case.

Law enforcement agencies interested in picking up the FN 509 Training Pistol should email all inquiries to [email protected].

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