Threaded barrel makes its way onto Rex Zero 1S lineup

FIME Group now offers a threaded barrel for its Rex Zero 1S pistol. (Photo: FIME Group)

Threaded barrels are in store for Rex Zero pistol fans as FIME Group is set to release 9mm threaded barrels for the Rex Zero 1S pistol series.

The factory OEM threaded barrels allows Rex Zero 1S pistol owners to swap out the standard barrel in order to accommodate for suppressors or other muzzle accessories. The threaded barrel is a 9mm variant measuring 4.9-inches with a 1/2Γ—28 thread pitch.

FIME Group says installation of the new threaded barrel is easy and can be accomplished with no special tools or gunsmithing. The company offers a step-by-step guide online to help Rex Zero 1S owners quickly swap barrels.

The barrel is designed to offer more capabilities to the Rex Zero 1S Pistol, pictured above, allowing for suppressor and muzzle accessories. (Photo: FIME Group)

FIME Group says it’s important to provide quality, factory barrels to consumers to ensure a smooth shooting experience for its customers.

β€œIt is vital to use a well-crafted threaded barrel to ensure the performance and reliability of your 1S,” FIME Group said in a news release. β€œA faulty threaded barrel can damage your handgun and/or the suppressor. Offered through FIME Group, the Rex Firearms OEM threaded barrel is a high-quality product you can depend on for its durability, quality and long lasting service life.”

The new threaded barrel is available though FIME Group with a MSRP of $264.99.

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