Versatile IWB Holster joins Mission First Tactical lineup

The Mission First Versatile IWB Holster can be worn in a myriad of positions. (Photo: Mission First Tactical)

Mission First Tactical introduces a new Bolatron polymer holster into its product line, announcing the Versatile IWB Holster.

The Versatile IWB Holster aims to be just as its name implies, a versatile option for concealed carriers wanting to carry inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband or in the appendix position. Able to accommodate either right or left-handed shooting, the holster offers an adjustable cant as well as adjustable retention. Laser CAD designed to ensure a smooth fit and draw, according to Mission First Tactical, the Versatile IWB Holster is molded, trimmed, assembled and buffed by hand.

โ€œWe created these holsters for the shooter looking for a rugged, durable, precision fitting holster that is versatile and comfortable to wear in a variety of carry positions. Itโ€™s also great for shop owners as one holster can do it all,โ€ MFT Vice President David Edelman said in a news release published on Soldier Systems. โ€œThese holsters are hand formed in our plant using Boltaron, a polymer offering superior fit and finish with greater wear, chemical and temperature resistance. Our goal, which we have met, is to provide hand finished holsters each meeting our exacting standards and we can do that with immediate delivery. โ€œ

The Versatile IWB Holster ships with a 1.5-inch belt clip and is available boxed or bagged with โ€œeye catching displays.โ€ No word yet on availability or price.

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