SilencerCo does terrible things to a Chimera 300 can (VIDEO)

Bringing the heat to a torture test compilation, SilencerCo uses and abuses the hell out of one of their suppressors with the help of a team of gun culture personalities.

Kicking it off with a little bit of flame delivered by Sgt. Omar “Crispy” Avila — a U.S. Army Veteran amputee with burns over 75 percent of his body but refuses to let it hold him back — the Chimera 300 suppressor is then blooped out of a can launcher to sportswoman Courtney Smith who puts it to good use with a super sweet HK .

She then passes it (via arrow) to Demolition Ranch’s Matt Carriker who goes belt-fed with an M249 SAW before Dave Kiley takes it for a drag. Lunker’s Robert Terkla comes in for the win before Avila gets another go at the well-worn Chimera.

The HK33 footage is worth the price of admission alone.

SiCo spokesman Chris Conrad told that they tried to “pretty much just beat up a Chimera as best we could, and only used one suppressor for the shots in the video.”

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