Roberts Defense: One craftsman, one gun at a time (VIDEO)

One gun. One craftsman. That’s the operating philosophy for Roberts Defense, a high-end 1911 handgun maker based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Brock Patrouille, one of the company’s two pistolsmiths, explained the benefit to having one person building an individual gun is high quality and service. If a customer has an issue with a pistol, they could talk directly to the person who built it.

“We don’t just machine a box of frames and a box of slides and send them down the line,” Patrouille said. “The main benefit to having a single person build your gun is that that person is responsible from start to finish to make that gun perfect.”

Between Patrouille and the other pistolsmith, they make approximately 20 pistols a month. The company’s catalog lists three models — the SuperGrade, Operator, and Recon — which are all customizable in barrel size, caliber, finish and other options. However, this attention to detail comes at a cost. Roberts Defense pistols start for around $2,400.

But Roberts Defense customers don’t seem to mind paying a premium. “I’ve noticed a lot of guys who’ve been shooting for a while and never owned a hand-built custom gun don’t realize their potential as a shooter until they shoot a nice hand-built, like one of ours,” Patrouille said, adding they currently have a backorder of eight to 10 weeks.

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