Silynx unveils new Clarus Pro Lite in-ear electronic hearing protection

The Clarus Pro Lite in an in-the-ear electronic hearing protecting system that dampens noise and increases ambient noise. (Photo: Silynx)

Silynx Communications brings the Clarus Pro Lite, a new in-the-ear electronic hearing protection/enhancement system, to life with a design the company said is built to withstand rugged environments.

The Clarus Pro Lite dampens noise above 85 decibels while also simultaneously enhancing ambient noise up to 15 decibels. The ITE hearing protection facilitates a lightweight and low profile style which Silynx said can be comfortably worn all day at the range.

The Clarus Pro Lite uses a military grade construction that can withstand all manners of shooting. (Photo: Silynx)

“Based on Silynx’s military grade design and construction, Silynx leveraged its combat proven technologies to defy the convention that electronic hearing protection must be big and bulky or fragile,” the company said in a release. “Clarus Pro Lite is low-profile and environmentally ruggedized to withstand dirt, mud, water, shock, vibration, and any element that would overcome comparable products.”

The Clarus Pro Lite has served special operations forces around the globe since 2005, according to Silynx, and now debuts in the consumer market for the very first time. The Clarus Pro Lite accepts standard AAA batteries with an average lifespan of 90 hours. The Clarus Pro Lite ships with foam ear tips, carrying pouch, windscreens and a lapel clip.

The Clarus Pro Lite is available through Silynx with a price of $169.

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