This tiny pistol is the perfect EDC for this Vortex dealer (VIDEO)

We are visiting with Lon Krieger, owner of Trophy Tools, a Vortex Optics dealer and teacher of license to carry classes in Texas. He’s going to talk with us today about some aspects of his EDC gun and knife of choice along with his reasons for carrying them.

“With trepidation, I carry a Ruger .380 LCP,” Krieger tells “I say this because it’s a bit on the small side but so easy to carry and in an up-close situation, it’s plenty powerful and very easily concealed.”

Lon Krieger, owner of Trophy Tools, a Vortex Optics dealer. (Photo: Don Summers/

Krieger does, however, subscribe to the idea an old Texas Ranger had when asked why he carried a 45. His answer: “because they don’t make a 46!” Krieger likes big-bore guns and shoots a .45 ACP whenever he can, but finds it extremely hard to carry on a daily basis.

Given all the pluses and minuses, Krieger’s favorite gun to carry is, again, a .380. “It’s so concealable, plenty powerful for the up-close work it’s designed to do, and it always works,” he said. “I’m a big fan or Ruger. I think they make a great firearm”.

Krieger showing his Ruger .380 LCP. (Photo: Don Summers/

Krieger’s knife he carries and made himself. (Photo: Don Summers/

In addition to carrying his .380 LCP, Krieger is set on carrying an edged weapon. He carries a folding knife called a “liner lock” that he made himself and insists on a “locking blade” so the knife doesn’t fold up when you’re cutting. “I carry mine daily and feel naked without it,” he said. “Even more so than being without my LCP.”

Krieger enjoys making fixed-blade and folder knives for fun. “I just don’t understand how anyone can get along without a knife on their person,” he said. Krieger wears his knife on his belt in a horizontal sheath that doesn’t hang down like most knife holders, making sitting and driving his truck easier, safer and more comfortable.

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