TrueTimber and Veto Pro Pac team up for new camo range bags

The RB-MC Camo Range Bag offers a compact yet organized design. (Photo: Veto Pro Pac)

TrueTimber and Veto Pro Pac join forces to outfit range day enthusiasts with the new Camo and Outdoor Series.

The range bag lineup features TrueTimber’s Kanati pattern paired with Veto Pro Pac’s functionality. Using a durable construction, the Camo and Outdoor Series aims to give shooting fans a means to better tote gear and guns to the range.

“Using high-fidelity digital photography to capture the truest colors, details and silhouettes, Kanati adds yet another level of real-world functionality to these offerings,” TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars said in a news release.

The company’s parts bags also come in the Kanati camo pattern. (Photo: Veto Pro Pac)

Kicking off the Kinati flavored series is the RB-MC Camo range bag. Using a compact, lockable design with injection-molded base, the range bag offers a vertical storage design. Outfitted with YKK zippers, the RB-MC Camo range bag measures 14-inches high by 10-inches wide and 8-inches deep. Vetro Pro Pac says the bag is constructed with expanded capacity and customizable storage options for more efficient range gear organization.

Veto Pro Pac also introduces camo versions of its parts bags and cargo totes. The Kanati patterned cargo totes allow users to store a wide array of tools and equipment such as first-aid kits, gun cleaning products, handguns and extra mags. TrueTimber said it’s happy to bring the Kanati pattern to the Veto Pro Pac’s new line of range equipment.

“It was an honor to partner with Veto Pro Pac to help bring a new, high-quality range bag product line to the shooting sports market,” Sellars added. “Veto Pro Pac is known for its unique design concepts, signature hard-bottom bases, exceptional organization and durable construction—and we’re thrilled to add our versatile Kanati pattern to the lineup.”

The Camo and Outdoor Series is available through Veto Pro Pac with the RB-MC Camo retailing for $209 and the rest of the series priced between $59 and $299.

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