CleanShot bore cleaning product gets 20-gauge model

CleanShot now offers a 20-gauge option in addition to a 12-gauge variant. (Photo: Huntego Limited)

In 2017, Huntego Limited announced a new shoot-through bore cleaner called CleanShot. This year the company ramps up the product line, offering CleanShot in 20-gauge.

The 20-gauge version joins the series, already featuring a 12-gauge model, that was created to allow field cleaning on shotguns by “simply pulling the trigger.” CleanShot requires only that users load their preferred shotgun and safely fire the device. From there CleanShot internally scrubs the shotgun, traps particles and wipes the bore.

“You can forget the dirty, tedious and time-consuming task of traditional field cleaning methods,” Huntego Limited said in a news release. “CleanShot is a patented shoot-thru gun bore cleaner that effectively field cleans shotguns in an instant.”

CleanShot’s construction allows shotgunners to clean firearms without breaking them down on site. (Photo: Huntego Limited)

The company says it chose to offer a 20-gauge variant due to the load’s popularity among bird hunters, trap shooters and skeet shooters. Curt Whitworth, creator and owner of Huntego Limited, said the decision to include a 20-gauge model alongside the 12-gauge was an obvious one.

“We are excited about the release of the 20-gauge CleanShot into the marketplace,” said Whitworth, in a press release. “New product development has been a major focus for Huntego Ltd and it will continue to be an emphasis moving forward.”

The 20-gauge CleanShot comes in a variety of quantities to include a four-, eight-, 12- and 16-packs. CleanShot is available through Huntego Limited with prices falling between $8.99 and $35.99.

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