Nemo Arms announces new all-metal Monark pistol system (VIDEOS)

Idaho-based Nemo Arms has branched out from the upper shelf AR business to bring a new 9mm handgun platform to market.

The new feature-rich Monark was teased extensively by Nemo on social media over the last couple weeks and shown off at the recent 2018 NASGW Expo in Pittsburgh. The all-metal pistol series spans four different models, all in 9mm with 5-inch barrels complete with a mini red dot sight adapter plate system.

All of the Monarks are optics-ready and feature a top plate (Photos: Nemo)

Featuring a billet aluminum frame with checkering and a lightened stainless steel slide with fore and aft cocking serrations, the striker-fired handguns weigh in at 31.5 ounces while eschewing polymer.

Other features standard across the line are interchangeable grips, a single action billet trigger, a dustcover-mounted accessory rail, ambi slide catches, and a right or left-hand magazine release.

The flared magwell is billed to accept magazines to include 10, 15, 18, 20, and 32-round options, but it is not known if these are proprietary.

The primary differences between the quartet of Monarks come to play in sight and coating options with one fitted with low-profile sights and a non-threaded barrel, two others (one in FDE) with suppressor-height night sights and a threaded barrel, and the fourth with suppressor-height fiber optic sights and a Trijicon RMR.

The MK-9MM-5 in black, with low-profile sights and a non-threaded barrel

MK-9MM-5STB-B in black with suppressor- height sights and a threaded barrel


MK-9MM-5SFTB-B black suppressor-height fiber optic sights and RMR

For now, Nemo is content with generating the buzz without announcing the price for these semi-custom parabellums, although David Merrill with Recoil, who talked to company reps at NASGW, cites a planned $900 to $1200 price range.

All feature top plate systems for optics

Three of the four models are optimized for suppressors, with threaded barrels and tall sights. Here a Monark is shown with one of Nemo’s Ranger cans.

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Posted by NEMO Arms, Inc. on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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