Nighthawk Custom adds to Boardroom 1911 Series with new President model

The President joins the Boardroom Series as a high-end 1911 created by Nighthawk Custom. (Photo: Nighthawk Custom)

Nighthawk Custom expands its Boardroom Series, introducing a new 1911 model into the series known as The President. Following the Chairman Longslide, the first in the Boardroom Series, The President features a forged government size frame with DLC finish paired a 5-inch gold Titanium Nitride barrel. Though some users will delight in the gold touches, for those that prefer a more subdued look Nighthawk does present the President in multiple finishes with silver barrel.

The President comes with the option of a gold Titanium Nitride barrel. (Photo: Nighthawk Custom)

Chambered for 9mm, The President boasts upgraded features such as Railscale G10 grips, a Heinie Ledge solid black rear sight and 18K solid gold bead front sight. Tipping scales at 38.2-ounces unloaded, the 1911 pistol delivers an overall length of 8.58-inches with a height of 5.75-inches and a width of 1.25-inches. The gun offers a new ultra hi-cut front strap as well as a lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger.

“The President is the second pistol in our sharp competitive shooting Boardroom Series. This 5-inch range ready government 1911, is a shorter version of the Chairman,” Nighthawk Custom said in a statement. “Windows and heavy angle lightning cuts in the slide allow it to function reliably when competitive shooting, while also showing off the stunning Titanium Gold Nitride Barrel.”

The President is available through Nighthawk Custom sales reps and retails for a hefty $4,195.

The President comes in multiple options allowing consumers to tailor the gun to their own preferences. (Photo: Nighthawk Custom)

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