Ballistic carving: Bringing you all the pumpkins (VIDEOS)

You know what day this is. We’ve scoured the interwebs for news of what happens when guns meet orange holiday globular squash and here’s what we found.

The familiar trope of zapping pumpkins this time of year is a long-cherished tradition and these recently produced videos are among the best of the Class of 2018.

Hickok 45 (And son’s) epic compilation of pumpkin smashing.

Colorado Shooter Instruction going pumpkin hunting using the Umarex Octane Elite .177 Cal. pellet spring air rifle from the prone position and 8.4 gr Meisterkugeln pellets.

Taran Butler from Taran Tactical calling in the Great Pumpkin with the help of a TTI Gen 5 G34 and a Glock 17 Combat Master

Big Horn Armory cutting loose with one of their Model 89s in .500 S&W stoked with hard cast bullets, which are scientifically proven to be perfect for pumpkin carving.

Speaking of manufacturers, Gunwerks tries out one of their new ClymR rifles chambered in 6.5 PRC for a long-range shot that has some impressive hang time.

And finally, how about a 450-pound giant pumpkin primed with Tannerite for the win?!

And, since you made it this far, check out Paul Harrell’s Halloween Special that, while it lacks the Great Pumpkin, does touch on his top 5 choices for the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy!

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