Ti Outdoors offers V23 Live Fire Shooting System for indoor ranges

The V23 system supplies shooters with an array of fun targets. (Photo: TI Outdoors)

Ti Outdoors showcases a shooting system designed entirely for indoor ranges, aiming to bring a little fun to gun owners on range day.

The V23 live-fire gaming system invites range goers to engage moving targets at virtual distances. Ti Outdoors provides a variety of targets for shooters to choose including bowling pins and zombies. The games are constructed to be random, bringing an element of surprise to shooters. Each game pairs with Bluetooth headsets to provide sound effects. Ti Outdoors says shooters can use their own gun with no modifications, whatsoever.

The image screen is paper and cardboard and does not require the use of self-healing membranes. i Outdoors says ranges simply “plug and play” to set-up the live fire V23 system.

“This industry-changing product brings fun back into the gun range. Rather than shooting a paper target, shooters can now engage moving targets at various virtual distances,” Ti Outdoors said in a news release. “The V23 is a perfect fit for your range to increase traffic and engage the younger generation of shooters.

No word on pricing.

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