Honor Defense reveals new line of self-defense ammo

Honor Defense unveiled new ammunition designed for self defense. (Photo: Honor Defense)

Honor Defense, better known for its flagship pistol the Honor Guard, is adding ammunition to its product lineup.

Announced in a press release Wednesday, Honor Defense said the new hi-performance self-defense ammunition features a drilled hollow point delivering better accuracy. The frangible ammo aims to reduce ricochet while its core projectile remains intact allowing for maximum penetration.

Designed for either steel plate training or used as self-defense ammunition, the rounds are available for .380 ACP, 9mm, 10mm, .40 cal. and .45 ACP.

The ammo can pair with the company’s own Honor Guard pistol. (Photo: Honor Defense)

“Historically used by LE/government, this projectile will now be widely available for consumers,” Honor Defense said in a news release. “The result is an unmatched self-defense round for consumers. With maximum effectiveness to stop threats and reduced ricochet for bystanders, the new Honor Defense ammunition offers un-matched performance.”

The ammo passes FBI protocols for light and heavy clothing, wallboard, plywood and bare gel, according to Honor Defense. Serving up with a lead free design, the rounds offer virgin brass “perfect for reloaders.”

The Honor Defense self-defense ammunition will be available to retailers through Sports South with retail locations coming soon. No word yet on pricing.

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