Firefield launches BattleTek laser, flashlight sights

BattleTek Sights offer either red/green laser options or a flashlight/laser option. pictured above, to tactical shooters. (Photo: Firefield)

Firefield adds to its accessory line, introducing new BattleTek Sights created to help users quickly acquire and stay on target.

The BattleTek Sights ship in a few models offering a range of options for defensive gun users. The BattleTek Sights models include: the BattleTek Flashlight with green and IR laser, BattleTek Flashlight, BattleTek Flashlight with green laser, BattleTek red laser and BattleTek green laser. The designs are compact and lightweight using ABS material. ABS is an oil-based plastic “for a strong made-to-last surface.”

The flashlight outputs 150-lumens. (Photo: Firefield)

The BattleTek Flashlight series ships with a 150-lumen flashlight and 5mw laser. Lasers on all the BattleTerk devices offer a 50-yard range in daylight. The BattleTek Sights boast an ambidextrous digital switch and mount to both Weaver or Picatinny rails.

“Designed to fit the needs of every user,” Firefield said in a news release. “Firefield introduces its new BattleTek Sights, ideal for quick target acquisition and tactical training, these sights are primed to deliver pin-point accuracy.”

No word yet on pricing or availability.

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