CK Tactical Introduces New Ripcord Speedloader For Wheelguns (VIDEOS)

Billed by the Michigan-based company as the “most minimal, and reliable speedloader on the market,” the Ripcord is looking to give revolver owners more options.

CK Tactical went live with their Ripcord series five and six-round revolver speedloaders in September and they have been generating some buzz in the gun industry and earning newfound fans. Their signature product is designed, like other speedloaders, to hold a full load of spare rounds for a wheel gun until needed, then dump them into the cylinder.

Unlike existing Safariland and HKS loaders that use a central knob or button, the Ripcord, as its name implies, is designed to be deployed by pulling by a loading tab, leaving the cartridges behind.

At a cost of $10 for a two-pack, CKT currently offers the loader in two different models with a range of compatibility with various Chiappa, Rossi, Ruger, S&W, and Taurus revolvers.

Keep in mind that they caution both that the loader works best with jacket bullets of pointed or round nose design and requires a “5 to 10 pull” break-in period.

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