Sightmark serves up Bubble Level Ring for riflescopes

The Bubble Level Ring comes in two sizes — 30mm and 34mm. (Photo: Sightmark)

A 30mm and 34mm Bubble Level Ring join Sightmark’s rifle accessories, allowing users to ensure riflescopes are mounted properly.

The level ensures riflescopes are mounted properly and evenly. (Photo: Sightmark)

Sightmark’s Bubble Level Rings use an aircraft aluminum construction, allowing for a lightweight yet durable design. The Bubble Level Ring attaches to riflescopes using a single bolt attachment. This mounting style ensures an even distribution of pressure after tightening, according to Sightmark.

The Bubble Level Ring boasts an easy to see center line so shooters can easily visualize whether the bubble is centered. This high visibility eliminates an offset riflescope, which can throw shots.

“Sightmark introduces its newest products, the 30mm Bubble Level Ring (SM19044) and 34mm Bubble Level Ring (SM19045),” Sightmark said in a news release. “Bubble rings are designed to indicate whether a riflescope is mounted properly and level on the firearm.”

Both models of Bubble Level Rings are available through Sightmark, though no pricing information has been revealed as of yet.

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