New SOCOM suppressors launch under SureFire umbrella

The SOCOM260-Ti is a lightweight suppressor designed for rifles. (Photo: Surefire)

SureFire brings two new suppressors to shooters, announcing the SOCOM260-Ti and SOCOM260-RC2 chambered for 6mm, 6.5mm and .260 caliber rifles.

The SOCOM260-Ti kicks off the new suppressors with a titanium alloy construction offering a lightweight design weighing 12 ounces. Offered in black or dark earth, the SOCOM260-Ti features v-shaped baffles to reduce noise. Its Fast-Attach Mounting System ensures proper alignment with the rifle system.

The SOCOM260-RC2 follows the Ti with a vented baffle construction created from high-temperature alloys CNC laser-welded. The design offers a durable style that lends itself to higher-round count shooting.

Also featuring SureFire’s Fast-Attach Mounting System, the suppressor attaches to the rifle easily. SureFire also says the latest technology has been used in the SOCOM260-RC2 to offer a “tremendous reduction in flash and dust signature.” The SOCOM260-RC2 also comes in black or dark earth.

The suppressors are chambered for 6mm, 6.5mm and .260 caliber. (Photo: Surefire)

“SureFire’s exotic SOCOM260-Ti is extremely lightweight and quiet, best suited for bolt-action rifles where back pressure isn’t an issue,” SureFire said in a news release. “Next, the versatile SureFire SOCOM260-RC2 suppressor meets and exceeds the needs of 6mm, 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 caliber, semiautomatic rifles by utilizing the same technology that earned the SOCOM556-RC suppressor a victory in the harshest, most demanding suppressor trials in US Special Operations Command history.”

The SOCOM260-TI and SOCOM260-RC2 are both available through SureFire with the SOCOM260-Ti retailing for $1,349 and the SOCOM260-RC2 priced at $1,199.

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