Battle Arms Development rolls out Rack, ambi charging handle

The BAD Rack is an ambidextrous design featuring no roll pins. (Photo: Battle Arms Development)

Battle Arms Development is serving up a new ambidextrous charging handle in the form of the Battle Arms Rack.

Designed without roll pins, the Battle Arms Rack Ambi Charging Handle features a smooth sliding latch that slides parallel with the notch on the receiver. This design facilitates a quick release in addition to reducing wear and tear. The Rack offers left or right side charging in addition to delivering a durable, sturdy build for rifle systems.

The charging handle is constructed from aluminum. (Photo: Battle Arms Development)

“Machined from one single piece of aluminum, the Rack handle was designed with strength in mind,” Battle Arms Development said in a news release. “It is also key to the sliding latch and the positive and balanced pull of the charging handle.”

Made in the U.S., the Rack Charging Handle is topped with a hard anodized black finish. The ambi charging device will be available in mid-December with pre-sales going on now through Battle Arms Development. Early adopters will get a $26 coupon towards future purchases. The Rack is priced at $125.

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