Business owner fatally shoots mask-wearing armed robber

A late night altercation at a California office complex left an alleged armed intruder dead.

The Sacramento County Sheriffs Department detailed that at about 10:30 p.m last Wednesday 911 operators received a call from the 2700 block of Cottage Way in Northern Sacramento. The caller told police an armed man wearing a mask pointed a gun at him at his place of business and demanded money. The victim, a licensed CCW holder, then shot the man several times in the upper body.

First responders found the alleged robber dead at the scene.

“Fortunately, the person carrying his firearm was a licensed CCW holder and was well within, at this point from what we understand, his right to do what he had to do to defend himself,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Shaun Hampton told Fox 40.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the location where the shooting occurred consists mostly of commercial office space. The business where the shooting occurred reportedly provides counseling services and authorities are investigating if the suspect had a connection to the complex.

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