The Beretta M12S submachine gun gives 550 rounds-per-minute of fun (VIDEOS)

With twin vertical pistol grips and lots of UZI-like features, the Beretta M12 is a classic SMG that will let it rip.

Using a telescoping bolt, like the Czech Vz. 23 and Israeli Uzi that preceded it, the compact M12 could shrink down to just 16.5-inches in length once its metal buttstock was folded. Intended to replace Italy’s aging stocks of WWII-era sub guns, buyers across Latin America and the Middle East also lined up to get their hands on the sleek new Italian stallion, making it one of the most popular in its class through the 1960s and 70s and still shows up regularly around the world today.

Larry Vickers lights it up after a brief overview in the above video. Then, Rick and Livio take it a little deeper on the Beretta M12 in a weapons brief from Battlefield Vegas, below.

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