Walther Arms issues recalls on certain PPS M2 pistols

Walther Arms has voluntarily recalled select PPS M2 pistols. (Photo: Walther Arms)

Walther Arms issued a voluntary recall Friday on certain PPS M2 pistol models for what the company termed a “potential safety issue.”

The gun maker says pistols falling under the recall may fire when dropped under certain circumstances; and in order to protect customers, Walther Arms is asking affected consumers to refrain from loading or firing the Walther PPS M2 until an upgrade can be performed.

The affected serial numbers are as follows:

  • AN3020 – AN9999
  • AO0000 – AO9999
  • AP0000 – AP9999
  • AQ0000 – AQ9999
  • AR0000 – AR9999
  • AS0000 – AS9999
  • AT0000 – AT9999
  • AU0000 – AU7502

Serial numbers are located on the right side of the pistols. (Photo: Walther Arms)

Serial numbers are located on the right side of the pistol. Consumers with pistols within the specified serial range should contact Walther Arms to arrange a pistol upgrade, free of charge. Walther said repairs are currently estimated at six to eight weeks from the date the company receives the pistol.

An upgrade request can be submitted through Walther Arms online or consumers may contact the company via email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-866-503-3389.

Walther says pistols will be equipped with a drilled mark in the magwell after they have been upgraded. (Photo: Walther Arms)

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