Brownells jumps into 1911 market with Ed Brown-built Retro .45s (PHOTOS)

Standard on the BRN-1911 are Bo-Mar sights and a match barrel. Optional are mustaches and Hawaiian shirts. (Photos: Brownells)

Adding a handgun to their Retro line of “throwback” classic firearms, Iowa-based Brownells now has a two-toned 1911 on tap.

The BRN-1911 blends old-school GI longslide features such as narrow vertical slide serrations with custom upgrades by Ed Brown such as a target trigger, Cocobolo grips, 416 stainless match-grade barrel, and other tweaks. The intended result is a handgun that would be at home in the shop of a custom 1911 smith in the age of Ferrari-driving former Navy SEALs just breaking into the world of private investigations.

The BRN-1911 is not supposed to look like today’s raceguns or a GI-issue .45 on D Day, but rather a custom 1980s build

“The BRN-1911 is inspired by the custom builds produced by gunsmiths for years, which Brownells has been proud to support,” said Brownells Director of Product Management Paul Levy. “In particular, Brownells and Ed Brown referenced features found on classic builds from the 1980s, such as the two tones, Bo-Mar sights, 25 lpi front strap and above all a clean appearance.”

Two-tone with Cocobolo, clean of both the WWI/II-type patent rollmarks and today’s huge banner logos.

The frame has 25 line-per-inch front checkering on the grip

Much about the new Brownells offering is standard doctrine when it comes to Government model 1911s such as a 5-inch barrel, .45ACP caliber, 7-round single-stack mags, 8.5-inch overall length, etc. The custom features start with the two-tone scheme produced by the blued 4140 carbon steel slide over the 416 stainless frame with an arched mainspring housing and progress through the internals (“all Ed Brown, all the time!”) such as an adjustable trigger and rear sight.

MSRP is $2,499.

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