Maxim Defense M-RAX attachment system now shipping

The M-RAX delivers M-LOK rails to consumers. (Photo: Maxim Defense)

Maxim Defense announced its new attachment system, the M-RAX, is now shipping and offering consumers a means to easily install and remove a Picatinny M-LOK rail section.

Using spring-loaded screws, the M-RAX attachment system offers a more flush rail section design via a hex screw that is locked into place using a standard hex tool rotated 90-degrees.

“Gone are the days of fighting with screws, aligning nuts dealing with messy liquid adhesives to create friction. Just push, turn, and tighten down for a secure mounting surface,” Maxim Defense said in a news release.

The M-RAX is designed so that the screws install and remove easily. (Photo: Maxim Defense)

The M-RAX uses the entire slot of the rail, maximizing space and allowing the system to be end-to-end stackable. This design helps users create monolithic rail sections. The system is available in both black and flat dark earth finishes in a variety of configurations to include:

  • 2  M-Slot (3.145-inch) / 1.54-ounces
  • 3  M-Slot (4.720-inch) / 2.31-ounces
  • 4  M-Slot (6.295-inch) / 3.09-ounces
  • 5  M-Slot (7.870-inch) / 3.87-ounces
  • 6  M-Slot (9.445-inch) / 4.62-ounces

The M-RAX is available now through Maxim Defense with a price tag between $39.95 and $84.95.

The M-RAX comes in multiple options and the choice of FDE or black, pictured above. (Photo: Maxim Defense)

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