Taking the Romanian PSL-54 for a spin (VIDEOS)

11/20/18 10:30 AM | by

Taking the Romanian PSL-54 for a spin (VIDEO)

With a few of these Dragunov-looking Romanian DMRs making their way back into the country, what is the big deal about them? Weighing in on the 7.62x54R semi-auto, complete with its downright funky PSOP Warsaw Pact optic, is the VSO gun channel, above.

Rather than a clone of the Soviet-era SVD designated marksman rifle designed by firearm engineer Yevgeny Dragunov, the Romanians created the PSL as more of an homage to that gun, basing it instead on Kalashnikov’s AK and RPK designs. In short, a PSL looks SVD-ish and shoots the same round, but is not a Dragunov. With that being said, they have a following all their own and have been gaining in value in recent years.

For a second take, below is Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons to give some more historical background, for those curious.

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