Westchester police contracts B&T USA for select-fire, suppressed carbines

(Photo: B&T USA)

Westchester Police Department awarded the Tampa-based B&T USA a contract to supply rapid deployment officers with new select-fire, suppressed 9mm carbines, according to a company press release this week.

The New York department will receive 14 new APC9-SD carbines within 60 days of the award. The design is already in the armory’s of a number of European law enforcement agencies, the company said.

B&T USA called the APC9-SD an “advanced police carbine” in which the intregral suppressor is capable of slowing normal supersonic ammo to subsonic speed and reduces the sound to 34 decibels. In other words, no subsonic ammo is needed. This is accomplished by drilling holes in the barrel in front of the chamber.

(Photo: B&T USA)

The APC9-SD operates using a closed bolt, low recoil blow back system and has a 1,000 round-per-minute rate of fire. However, the civilian version, the APC9 is semi-auto only.

The gun is designed to use Glock magazines and an Aimpont Micro TL red dot sight, and it features flip-up emergency sights and an adjustable rear sight. The carbine measures in 21 to 30 inches depending on the extended stock, has a 5.8-inch barrel and weighs 7.3 pounds unloaded. MSRP is $3,492.

B&T USA is a subsidiary of the Switzerland-based B&T AG, an arms company that specializes in suppressors and firearms for law enforcement and military.

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