A salute to Smith & Wesson's big N-frame: The Model 29 (VIDEO)

With a lineage that includes spending time with “Dirty” Harry Callahan, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 has a special place in firearms lore.

Cigar-chomping Idaho rancher and wheel gun magnum guru, Elmer Keith, was the bandleader for the .44 Magnum, the “most powerful” production handgun round until Dick Casull’s .454 Casull came down the pipe, and in 1955 Smith & Wesson debuted the N-framed Model 29 to handle the cartridge. Appearing in the hands of fictional Insp. Harry Callahan in 1971’s Dirty Harry, the gun has gained an almost cult following since then.

To show off the big revolver, for which he has a 1980s-vintage 29-3 on hand, is Buffalo’s Outdoors, stretching the magnum to 50 yards with no problem after a short poetic ode.



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